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Emrys Rosser


I am a second year PPE student at Christ Church who chose to drop philosophy after my first year. What inspired me to join Kes and Omar in creating the Forum was my passion for all things political and argumentative. While Oxford is famed for its wide variety of historic and wonderfully absurd societies, such as the tea appreciation society of which I am president, I felt disappointed with the lack of passionate heated intellectual exchanges between these societies. In pursuit of the ideals we founded the forum on I have dedicated myself to advancing the society as its treasurer. After this and academic work with the fleeting moments of free time remaining I enjoy gaming in the strategy and RPG genres, consuming a plethora of television and movies, and cooking and dining. My life ambitions are completely unknown and so for now I just focus on getting by and hope to one day reach some level of enlightenment .

Kes Daood


I am a second year PPEist interested in British political history and the study of ideology. I plan to write a thesis on the imperial federation movement in the British Empire and have a particular dislike for philosophical logic. Nevertheless, I’ve opted to take philosophy and politics for finals, as I prefer subjects where there’s room for debate. 
My non-academic interests include playing computer games (my favourites include TF2, Red Dead Redemption and Bioshock Infinite), writing (I am currently writing a book entitled ‘Fat Cats’ about the dangers of extreme ideologies on both sides of the political compass) and tea (I hold the title of ‘Ex-El Presidente’ in Oxford University Tea Appreciation Society).
I am deeply inspired by the following statement by Darwin: “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” Yet, I believe it should be read in conjunction with the following by Russell: "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." Tick tock goes the clock; remember that one day it has to stop.

Sponsorship - Leo Edwards


I am a 2nd Year Biological Sciences student at Christ Church, Oxford. My main interests are in politics, especially the works of Hayek and Sowell. Major pastimes include doing literally anything that isn't useful and panicking about exams. These usually include, video games, climbing, running and watching netflix. In honour of the many quotes in other biographies; here is one of my favourites "Every joke is a tiny revolution" following this philosophy I maintain my conservative credentials by being surprisingly unfunny.

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