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The Oxford Forum’s Political Strategy Panel Debate

  • Saskatchewan Lecture Theatre Exeter College Oxford United Kingdom (map)

Co-hosting with PPE Society and the Journal of Political and Constitutional Studies

In an election year, the topic of political strategy and communication is as relevant as ever in highlighting the ways that politicians and organisations seek to influence public opinion and shape the political debate. In order for political organisations to develop an effective communication strategy, they must be aware of the need to respond to factors as diverse as social media, daily polling and a hostile media climate. To discuss the challenges faced, and the solutions provided, in devising an effective communication strategy, we have three distinguished speakers, including John Braggins and Steve Richards. All three speakers have unparalleled experience in the field of media, political communications and policy development. Topics that will be discussed include responding to unexpected political events, shaping a long term communications strategy and the challenges brought about in a rapidly developing technological world. Attendees will have an opportunity to question the speakers and will also be able to purchase tickets in advance of the event for a drinks reception and dinner, both attended by the speakers. The dinner will be three courses and held in a private dining room in Christ Church. For tickets to the dinner, please click below:

For further information about each of the speakers, please see below.

John Braggins


John Braggins has unprecedented experience is working in the field of political strategy and communication. Having been involved in Labour Party campaigns, since the late 1980’s, he was at the forefront of introducing innovative changes to political campaigning. These include effective focus-grouping, telephone banks and the use of out-door electioneering. He has been heavily involved in local Government, serving as the Senior Press Officer for the Greater London Assembly and acting as Head of Local Government for the Labour Party. He is also a member of the Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and of the Market Research Society.

Steve Richards

Steve Richards is one of the leading political commentators in the United Kingdom. He is the Independent’s Chief Political Commentator and previously was the political editor of the New Statesman. He makes regular media appearances, and presents BBC Radio Four’s ‘Week in Westminster’. In 2010, he published his book ‘Whatever it takes’, which provided a detailed analysis of Gordon Brown’s role in New Labour.

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