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Universal Basic Income Panel

  • Pembroke College, Pembroke Square OX1 1DW UK (map)

Should the UK pay its citizens a universal basic income? UBI, as it's usually known, is a fashionable policy proposal at the moment. The automatic transfer of a livable stipend to everyone - regardless of employment status, savings or income - may seem a counterintuitive approach to welfare reform. UBI's proponents nonetheless cite evidence suggesting not only improvements to wellbeing among those without work, or on low incomes, but overall savings to the state by the elimination of means-testing. 

Its critics, however, warn that UBI would fundamentally undermine incentives in the labour market, leading to seriously diminished productivity in the overall economy. There remain also grave doubts over the affordability of such a system, and the potential for inflationary effects should it be introduced.

Could we eliminate enormous welfare bureaucracies, and the stigma of our present benefits system, and achieve a healthier 'work/life balance' in the process? Or is this a utopian scheme proposed by the well-meaning but misguided - and a potentially dangerous experiment? Six of Oxford's sharpest minds will be debating the merits of UBI on Monday evening at Pembroke College, and would like you to join the discussion.


Yannick Lambert (Pembroke)
Graziano Brady (St Benet's)
Giuseppe Dal Pra (Balliol)
Louis McEvoy (Christ Church)
William Prescott (Univ)
Kit Rasmussen (Balliol)


Alasdair Riggs (Pembroke)


Mary Hyde Eccles Room, Pembroke College

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