The Oxford Forum

The Oxford Forum is a student run organisation which encourages discourse and debate within Oxford, allowing students to engage with a diverse range of issues.



The Forum was founded on the belief that access to great speakers should not be restricted to those who can afford it.  We have no membership fees.

The Forum seeks to bring only the speakers who can credibly inform the current debates across relevant to the Oxford Community. We host no mediocre speakers.

While there are many colleges and departments that host interesting scholars and public figures, as well as private groups who host celebrities and speakers, the Forum wishes to make accessible to members of all colleges as well as people of all income levels the highest quality speakers for free. Exclusivity can do nothing but stifle a full expression of the interest and views of the full range of students at the University, and thus we feel there should be no barriers to access.

While we seek to bring a diverse range of speakers across many disciplines to speak on a variety of subjects, we do not invite people just because they are famous. The Forum was created with the desire to expand the educational opportunities of all members of the University community. We hope those who attend our events not for the notoriety of a person, but to hear what will be said by people who are in a position to contribute to our knowledge of current issues.

Democratic Leadership

The Forum leadership is comprised of students from all backgrounds, colleges, and level of study who participate in organizing events not for person gain but for the benifit of the Oxford community. We eschew structures that emphasis personality over ability.

Our organization is run by three co-chairs, who are responsible to a committee of up to twelve students. Any student may run for chair or committee. While Chairs lead the committee and are the spokes people for the Forum, they

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